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Why Partner With Us ?

Reimagining the Way We Deliver Pet Care Services 

Best Friends

Free to Join* . Flat Commision Rate.

As an *inaugural offer, It is absolutely FREE to join – no subscription fees, joining fees etc. ! We will charge only a flat commission rate per transaction – no hidden charges, no extras!

Certified & Licensed Only

We are absolutely committed to onboarding only licensed and certified pet care partners – so you will be joining a community of passionate & professional pet care providers.

Woman with Pomeranian Puppy
Woman Hugging Dog

Flexible / Scalable

The  platform is built for flexibility. You can assess your current business volume, busy & free time down to the day & hour and configure the app to show your availability accordingly. The app is also there to complement your current business and supplement any lag time/ free slots you have. No minimum time or slot commitments!

Also, we are excited about the future plans we have with the app including a first of kind on demand pet transport that we will announce in the near future. This will truly change the game and open up your business island wide.

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