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Check out amazing services at the MobiPetz App!

Choose from a variety of services, curated specially for your pet's overall wellbeing!


Ensure a personalized health & wellness solution for your beloved pets with your wellbeing buddy, MobiPetz!, ensuring your pet's optimal well-being and your convenience!


Treat your pets to amazing gourmet delights crafted with care at MobiPetz. From unique treats to nutritious meals, we offer the best for your pets' happiness and well-being!


Experience top-notch pet daycare services through MobiPetz's app, ensuring your pet's enjoyment and your peace of mind with expert care and convenient booking!


Elevate your pet's grooming experience with MobiPetz's app, where expert care meets convenience for a pampered pet and a delighted owner, all at your fingertips!

Welcome to MobiPetz, your ultimate destination for all your pet wellbeing needs! We are dedicated to ensuring the health and happiness of your beloved pets, and our extensive network of professional and passionate pet care service partners is committed to providing top-notch care for your lovely pets!

Exciting news! On April 14th, 2023, we unveiled our brand new app focused on Food & Nutrition and Pet Wellness & Nutrition, at the Pet Expo Singapore,. These were specially designed to cater to your pet's unique dietary needs and overall well-being, ensuring they thrive from the inside out.

But that's not all – we have more in store for you! We launched Daycare services on the MobiPetz App and recently, we launched Pet Grooming services on the MobiPetz App, allowing you to conveniently schedule grooming sessions for your furry friends with just a few taps.

In addition to Food & Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Daycare and Grooming, we will be soon offering a wide range of other pet care services to meet all your needs like Pet Insurance, Pet Boarding, Pet Training, Rehabilitation & Senior Pet Care, or Pet Transport etc., we are committed to providing you with the highest quality care, products and service for your pets.

Join us on this exciting journey to discover and enhance your pet's well-being. Your furry friend deserves the best, and at MobiPetz, we are here to make that a reality!


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